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Is this a good time to move jobs?

Are candidates missing good opportunities?

I would say yes. For candidates seeking a new job opportunity this really is a good time to move from their current position. In today’s market there are exceptional choices and opportunities that often come from an environment where employers are fighting for talent.

Before we get excited, let’s start with some facts.

Despite the UK recording the highest number of job adverts, the market is still as fierce according to the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC).

As quoted by REC in their latest report; In the week 6-12 June there were a whopping 1.69 million job adverts in the UK, a record high for 2022. However, the number of new job adverts being posted dropped significantly after the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, with roughly 160,000 ‘new’ adverts posted. By comparison there were over 200,000 new job postings in each of the previous two weeks. That’s a lot of companies looking for people. The REC report also states that advertisements are also in all occupation areas, that’s a lot of sectors looking for people. How on earth do you find your next team member amongst all this?

Where are you?

As an experienced and very active recruiter, I am aware that there are plenty of prospective applicants around. Yet in todays market it is taking time to find the ones who have the skills, experience and prospects who actually want to move jobs. Even when better pay, benefits and career progression is on offer.

Why you may ask? Many people I speak to are saying “ Mmmm not sure, I think I’m best staying put.” They tell me it’s better to stay in a job they know even though they’ve outgrown it and offers them no new prospects and in reality they are now quite bored with and ready for a move.

In the current cost of living crisis staying put is for them a better option. It keeps them in their comfort zone, they know exactly what’s coming in which in turn allows them to feel less threaten by the growing cost and stress of every day life. Having been a recruiter in similar times, I know it’s times like these as human beings we hunker down. In contrast, in todays swamped recruitment market employers also know that to get and retain the right candidates they need to be offering a package which includes a decent salary, great benefits, security and prospects.

So if candidates aren’t moving and employers are fighting to attract it’s no wonder the REC report that the reason for number of adverts remaining high is likely to be job adverts being left open for longer. Employers across the country struggling to attract candidates for their vacancies. It’s certainly the case in my experience and those I know up and down the country.

Is this why more and more employers are turning to experienced recruiters?

Yes, they are and for 3 main reasons - Value, Productivity, Focus.

Working with a recruiter as an employer and candidate you get 100% focus on the roles you are recruiting for and a higher effort of engagement with prospective candidates who have the skills, experience and talent looking for a new role.

As recruiters we have the time to talk and discuss with the candidate the role in detail and access exactly what their skills and aspirations are. Making sure it’s the perfect fit for both the client and the candidate - and that’s before you even get to interview!

In today’s market we know it may not be a quick match, so that all important time spent on the essential work a recruiter does on filling an employers vacancy and with prospective candidates is vitally important.

Reluctance to move.

When I’m speaking to candidates on behalf of an employer I know that no matter how attractive the role is, for someone to decide it's time to move jobs, in todays climate they need to feel confident it’s the right move. They need to feel moving to their new employer they will be secure and that their new position will not only allow them to progress and develop their own skills further, it will provide better for themselves for them and /or their families. This benefits both the candidate and client. It allows the candidate to focus on the new role, settle into the role quickly and do a great job for their new employer. It also ensures the employer, in turn knows their new employee is the ideal person for the role and fits into the company’s team and culture and will enjoy a great career and the opportunities available in in their business.

This is where the softer skills of a professional recruiter definitely come in.

The glut of adverts reflect the challenging times both companies and candidates are facing. Whether you are a client looking for people or a candidate really wanting to get out of that job that's going nowhere. Nothing beats the reassurance of working with a recruiter who’s 100% time and focus is on you.

My advice is simple. Make the time to recruit properly. If you haven’t got that time, use a recruiter because we definitely have.


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